django 1.9 in my ssl website requires PyOpenSSL-16.2.0

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django 1.9 in my ssl website requires PyOpenSSL-16.2.0

I had an issue upgrading from django 1.8 to 1.9 in a site with ssl.

The site was giving SSL_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR_ALERT from time to time.

In apache logs appeared this kind of errors:
[ssl:warn] [pid 26704:tid 140422937700096] AH01990: PRNG still contains insufficient entropy!
extern "Python": function Cryptography_rand_bytes() called, but no code was attached to it yet with @ffi.def_extern().  Returning 0.

The problem was solved with: pip install —upgrade PyOpenSSL (to version 16.2.0)

I don't really know if it was because my enviroment (vps), but I let here this note as it was hard to find information in internet about it.

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