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kirby urner-4
Greetings from Portlandia.

DjangoCon 2011 has just ended.  This is a pretty deep community with
some excellent leadership, and the size of conference (under 400) is
comfortable and intimate for many people.

Here's a link to some fun pix from Yarko that I just got from
"Chairman Steve" (as in Steve Holden):

My own folder has tended to focus on branding and ad agency kinds of
stuff, perhaps thanks the W + K meeting re LimeSurvey (per Wikipedia),
which was used for post-conference psychometrics by one Patrick
Barton.  (ads etc.) (mentions LimeSurvey)

I had some good talks with the GeoDjango people especially.  We had a
geographer from Philly, several others drawn to this community via the
GIS world.

As someone who has presented twice at GIS in Action, once as a
quasi-keynote, I had some interesting perspectives for them.  (where
is Pythonia = Python Nation?).

Yarko and I talked more about my Radical Math curriculum, a
combination of OO, group theory (elementary) and newfangled (fringe)

He even started sounding upbeat about the idea of "demented cartoons"
on (one of Steve's domains).

I'm big into getting more animated cartoon characters lined up to
teach Python.

Speaking of which, check out this "Djangsta" pony the PyLadies came up with:

[ technical glitch, will post later to Diversity ]

I did my usual chauffeuring and schlepping for this conference (same
as last year), working for Open Bastion (a sponsor / producer).

Quite a few people at the conference knew me from the Diversity list
in particular.

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