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Andreas Röhler-2

Hi Barry, hi Skip, hi python-mode folks,

just checked in a fix for `go-to-initial-line'.

It's pretty sure from my perspective, there will be lot
more bugs of these kind be inside the venerable trunk.

Could build a kind machine from abtract reasoning
producing it's reports. However, fixing them on the
base given is rather difficult. For the very reason
this fix is a rather wooden part of plastic.

Bien sure, developers already have remarked that
difficulty and commented it `tricky' inside the code.

IMHO it's difficulty relies in the fact, that every
time cursor changes a state a couple of questions have
be to asked again. It's a matter of design so far, therefor the re-design
in python-mode-components.

The natural solution for me was writing a recursive
function employing `cond', so everytime a condition has
been met, the whole circle starts from the
beginning. That should avoid a whole bunch of bugs.

Would appreciate it much, if you could try the


from inside


`python-mode-reassembled.el' keeps the python-mode ranges
of functions basically, but should avoid the bugs

Thanks all, happy testing,



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