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Best way to reduce fat around the waist and stomach, and burn calories fast is fast doing squats Stand with your back straight and starts doing squats, making sure that your fingertips touch the floor slightly each time low Make 100 squats in a time of five minutes,  cla safflower oil preparing for another 100 squats in the net ten minutes You can also increase the intensity of this eercise to grab some weights Ejercicios bicycle These eercises can reduce your waist and tone Use a mat for eercises for you to support your back, with your hands holding your head Raise   cla safflower oil your knees toward your torso, then lift shoulders off the floor without straining your neck Bring the right elbow towards the left knee while straighten the right leg again begins to share her legs and elbows Do 10-12 repetitions 4Ejercicios navel Suctions the area of ..