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[jobs] Another python job, at Biarri!

Noon Silk

 Seems to be the time to be posting jobs! There is a python developer
job available where I work; take a look below. Please contact Joe for


Biarri (http://www.biarri.com) is a commercial mathematics company
that provides optimisation tools and custom quantitative models to
business.  We believe in the power of elegant design. We like to use
the right tools for the job and get our products built quickly and

We are growing and we need someone to join the team who can help us
build our software. Specifically we are looking for a software
developer to join our Melbourne team (based in Prahran) and help
develop our web applications.

We need somebody who is a great developer, organised and happy to work
in a diverse team.

Our requirements for the role are:

- You get things done, you make decisions independently and iterate rapidly
- Keen to learn about customers and solve their problems
- Create simple and elegant solutions to complex problems
- Deep knowledge of Python, Javascript and Linux
- Some experience with Mecurial/Git and SQL would also be desirable.

If you are interested in the role please contact me and we can arrange
an initial phone call and take it from there.


Joe Forbes
[hidden email]
0408 015 090

Noon Silk

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