jyjdbc - New Jython module for accessing JDBC using pep-249 dbapi

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jyjdbc - New Jython module for accessing JDBC using pep-249 dbapi

Chris Clark-2
I've just published a new dbapi for accessing JDBC drivers from Jython.


jyjdbc is a new project and thus not as mature/stable/complete as
zxJDBC, it isn't ready for production environments but it has a few
unique features:

    * Pure Python, so easier to maintain by Python developers (if you're
      using dbapi, you are a Python developer!)
    * Doesn't need a JDK, it can be "built" and developed with just a JRE
    * Doesn't follow Jython release schedule
    * Decimal data types work - this is the reason jyjdbc exists
    * Mostly pep-8 compliant (I ignore W291 and E501)

it is no where near 100% pep-249 compliant so again, don't go running
this in production! However it has been useful to me hence sharing it.
Patches welcome! It is in Mercurial so it is easy to get hacking on it
and Google will host your clone :-) Run the testsuite to see the to-do
list ;-)


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