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Matt Henson
I'm using PIL in, a medium volume web application based on Turbogears 1.1. We use PIL to process customer's images (scaling to multiple sizes as well as basic image manipulation). We're running FC8 Linux boxes on Amazon's EC2 cloud. I'd like to improve JPEG encoding performance. It looks like PIL (at least on our FC8 servers) is using an older version of libjpeg. I understand that libjpeg-turbo is much faster.

Does PIL work with libjpeg-turbo? If so then how would I go about the upgrade? Is it as simple as upgrading a library in my servers, or do I need to re-compile PIL or something else? I know that FC14 was just released with libjpeg-turbo. If I upgrade to FC14, will PIL automatically start using libjpeg-turbo?

If libjpeg-turbo isn't supported now, is it on the roadmap?

Altermatively, is there a simple way to use some other tool for JPEG encode and decode (while still using PIL and the other great Python libs for manipulation)?

Thanks for any help that you can provide.

Matt Henson
Founder, LiveMosaic

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