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minutes from monday

Benedikt Hegner
Hi all,

I wanted to ask again for the minutes of the meeting on monday. Are  
there any?


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Re: minutes from monday

Michael Hudson
Benedikt Hegner <[hidden email]> writes:

> Hi all,
> I wanted to ask again for the minutes of the meeting on monday. Are  
> there any?

Not really; the meeting was a bit of a damp squib, few people turned
up and not much was said.  Here's a log:

[16:02] zopepaul joined the chat room.
[16:02] Aiste: hi zopepaul
[16:02] zopepaul: how-deeee
[16:05] Aiste: very quiet in here for some reason...
[16:05] Aiste: aren't we supposed to be starting the meeting about now?
[16:05] zopepaul: because everything is going so smoothly? :)
[16:05] zopepaul: yup
[16:05] zopepaul: wants to make sure he gets credit for showing up on time
[16:06] mwh: heh
[16:06] mwh: yeah, not a great turn out
[16:06] Aiste: :))
[16:06] mwh: i know michael sparks couldn't make it
[16:08] zopepaul: so, we load all the work up on the no-shows, right?
[16:09] mwh: sounds good to me
[16:09] Aiste: yup
[16:09] Aiste: that's what POV does in its daily meetings :))
[16:09] mwh: who can we assign to write the website? :)
[16:09] MrTopf: now I understand why you have _daily_ meetings
[16:09] ghum joined the chat room.
[16:10] mwh: ghum: hi!
[16:10] ghum: Guten Abend. Good Evening. Gooden Abend. Ahallamahall
[16:11] Aiste: ghum: hi
[16:11] Aiste: sooo, shall we start?
[16:11] mwh: ghum: did you see that you got volunteered to help john with the business track?
[16:11] mwh: Aiste: may as well
[16:12] ghum: mwh: really did not read it  that strong, but I would really feel great joy to do bt togehter with john
[16:12] mwh: good
[16:13] lac: hi all
[16:13] ghum: (I also feel great joy just to appear as a speaker :) )
[16:14] mwh: i don't know how much about the budget can be said without benedikt
[16:15] mwh: i seem to recall that the last time we talked about it, we wanted to charge speakers a bit more than he first proposed
[16:15] Aiste: yes
[16:16] ghum: yes
[16:16] mwh: ghum: i also wondered if you'd like to help collect/run lightning talks
[16:17] Aiste: mwh: i was wondering, were there track description last year?
[16:17] mwh: Aiste: probably :)
[16:17] Aiste: hm... where could i find them, do you know?
[16:17] jacob22|home joined the chat room.
[16:17] mwh: http://www.europython.org/sections/tracks_and_talks/track_overview/propose_a_talk
[16:18] ghum: mwh: of course I can help running the lightning talks. The "dynamic collecting method" of the years before felt perfect
[16:18] mwh: ghum: cool
[16:18] mwh: this is a much less urgent issue of course
[16:18] Aiste: mwh: thanks :)
[16:18] ghum: mwh: of course
[16:19] Aiste: so, what about the budget? or do we leave that for Benedikt? seeing as he did not show up? :)
[16:19] ghum: I just will prepare countdownslides and the HOLY HANDGRANADE
[16:19] mwh: Aiste: i don't have anything meaningful to say myself
[16:19] Aiste: same here...
[16:20] Aiste: right, this is not going well
[16:20] Aiste: shall we move to another issue?
[16:20] Aiste: and discuss this one on the mailing list or through emails?
[16:20] ghum: Yes, Aiste
[16:21] Aiste: oops, nextt issue is website software
[16:21] Aiste: runs to hide somewhere far away
[16:21] ghum: *hides somewhere else then Aiste
[16:21] mwh: too
[16:22] mwh: slightly more seriously, i'm somewhat favourable to the idea of using cerns software
[16:22] zopepaul: me too
[16:22] mwh: aiui, the main issue would be credit card payments
[16:23] ghum: mwh: my impression was that the programmers sit at CERN, and so Benedikt can threaten them easier
[16:23] Aiste: what was used last year for that?
[16:23] joachimS: worldpay
[16:23] Aiste: ah, ok
[16:23] jacob22|home: So, the CERN software is capable of the things I listed?
[16:23] joachimS: i could integrate that with cerns software I assume
[16:24] mwh: jacob22|home: with sufficient effort, certainly
[16:25] mwh: with merely reasonable effort, notsure
[16:25] mwh: it's data store is a zodb database
[16:25] mwh: (though it's not a zope app)
[16:26] Aiste: um... who s supposed to be resposible for this?
[16:26] Aiste: i.e. using the software?
[16:26] ghum: Benedikt?
[16:27] lac: nobody who is at this meeting, apparantly.
[16:27] Aiste: :)
[16:28] Aiste: "good" meeting
[16:28] mwh: sigh
[16:28] mwh: i suppose i will be using the software a fair bit to sort out the schedule, etc
[16:29] Aiste: anyway, is there anything that we can decide without Benedikt?
[16:29] jacob22|home: Benedikt sent something to the list a few minutes ago.
[16:29] Aiste: yeah, saying that he won't attend
[16:29] zopepaul: Aiste: just as an update on the web frameworks, my spies are going to pycon, looking for a good keynoter for the track
[16:30] zopepaul: i posted on my weblog and attracted...errr....some energetic anti-zopers :)
[16:30] mwh: zopepaul: you haven't sent me a blurb yet :)
[16:30] zopepaul: errr, oops :)
[16:32] Aiste: looks like this meeting is going down the drain
[16:33] Aiste: any point in talking any further?
[16:33] mwh: Aiste: yes :(
[16:33] mwh: well, i'd like to talk a little about the call for papers
[16:33] Aiste: maybe we should scedule another one soonish, and discuss what we could not today?
[16:33] mwh: we need to do at least these things:
[16:33] mwh: (a) get descriptions of all tracks
[16:34] mwh: (b) attack the/a website until submitting papers is actually possible
[16:34] mwh: (c) write the damn thing and send it out
[16:34] mwh: anything else?
[16:36] Aiste: umm.. I will shamelessly copy previous years social tracks description and submit that :)
[16:36] mwh: ok :)
[16:37] mwh: and yes, another meeting soon sounds like a good idea!
[16:37] ghum: mwh: with John Pinner contact you had?
[16:37] Aiste: next week?
[16:38] zopepaul: mwh: i suggest using the next meeting as the deadline for that list
[16:39] ghum: <- is unavailable nxt week
[16:39] mwh: ghum: yes, he sent me a mail
[16:39] mwh: Aiste: yes, perhaps
[16:39] mwh: lets ask benedikt if he can attend first :)
[16:39] Aiste: ok, that's a good idea
[16:40] Aiste: mwh: can you send him an email?
[16:40] mwh: ok
[16:41] mwh: done :)
[16:42] Aiste: good, so we wait for a reply and then announce on the mailing list?
[16:42] lac: is this meeting closed?
[16:42] mwh: lac: i guess so
[16:42] mwh: Aiste: i sent the mail to the list, hopefully he'll reply there
[16:43] lac: ok take care all


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