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I have a problem around (from gi) and __attr__ handling.
Under my configuration (GObject/gtk+ 3.12), it is on line 305 of ''.

One report has been filled on:

Was able to generate profile, to track down some sections.

Under gramps[1], we have a debug tool/gramplet which shows uncollected objects. Since gramps 4 and use of gtk+3/gi, we have some performance regressions. One issue leads to a freeze and an unstable behavior after some hours.

My guess is that the cause is gramps plugins attributes loaded as objects and never purged (or uncollected). Generated profiles[2] point out '' from gi! A quick (and dirty) estimation could be that after 3000 uncollected objects (or ~ 10 000 000 calls!), we have some performance issues.

I suppose that I can understand the basics of python, but fixing such issue could be really difficult for myself.

So, is there any way to get rid of __attr__ call from
sys.modules? reload()?

Or is there any workaround for gramps plugins?


Jérôme Rapinat
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