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my haunted chatterbot

Giles Bowkett
OK, so I signed up to this list because I was curious about learning
Python. then I moved away, but I didn't unsubscribe, because I'm lazy.
during my learning period I posted lots of annoying things, so to make
up for it I want to post something kind of entertaining:

of course that might just be annoying also. (if so my bad.)

this is an incredibly dumb chatterbot. it uses Google Web Services and
Twisted. it just googles for your IM message and then selects a
response randomly. it doesn't even identify sentences in a
particularly sophisticated way. but, for some reason, today it is
haunted. or something. I ask it questions and it makes perfect sense.
take a look at the code and you'll see how stupid this thing is, but
the funny part is, such incredible stupidity can generate
apparently-genuine conversations. anyhooooooo, hope it entertains ya.

Giles Bowkett = Giles Goat Boy

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