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near final mockup
I've removed the old mockup and put the new version of the website
where it will go when live.  The structure does not conflict with the
old website, except that the top-level index.html would be in the same
place as the old index.html, so I renamed it new_index.html while it
is still a mockup.  It can be found at

There are still a couple of holes, the biggest hole being the "Related
Projects" tab is empty, and the developer's guide still talks about
CVS but really (failing someone finding a problem with the new
repository) should talk about subversion.

All of the new pages have a "View Source" link at the bottom so you
can see what the docutils source looks like.  Proposed additions in
the form of diffs or even just blobs of text  (or even whole pages)
sent to jython-dev are welcome.  Another way to propose a new page is
to add it to the wiki and then post a message about it at jython-dev.

Anyway, I this should be the last mockup, all I have to do is fill in
the holes and flip the switch, and I will get away from websites and
back to bugfixing and getting out a release.


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