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R. David Murray
I just posted a summary of my past month of work (which has been
at a considerably slower pace than earlier):

As I report there, it looks like I have to take a break this summer to do other
stuff, but will pick it up again in the fall.  I think that will still give us
enough test time before 3.3 beta to get this in to 3.3.

I should still be able to coble together bits and pieces of time, so I'm
thinking about posting at least one specific task to the python-mentor's list
(additional tests and the resulting fixes for the parser) to see if anyone
wants to help out.  Or perhaps someone here does :)  I'll also try to find some
time to work on the docs.

The big summer project hasn't actually started yet, so I may make some non-trivial
progress before it does.

R. David Murray 
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