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Leo User
howdy folks,

Im just posting this to notify those interested that the next jyleo was released a couple of days ago.  An address for download is: 
jyleo is the jython/java implementation of Leo(literate editor and outliner).  Beyond being built in jython I think this release will be interesting to jython users because of its shell: the JythonShell.  The JythonShell is a swing based jython shell that is modeled upon IPython, some Emacs and some nutty ideas of my own.  Ive been building it I guess since last year.

jyleo and the jythonshell require:
a Java 5
a jython2.2a1( 0 shouldn't work, anyway whose using that anymore... :D)

some screenshots of jyleo and the shell can be seen here:

the bottom links take you to the pretty pictures,

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