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Lizzy M
Hi, all:

I’ve got this problem:

I use a client(programmed by flex) to set the longitude and latitude:
longitude = -0.12345678901234567
latitude = 0.123456789012345678

Then, I captured the net packages to make sure that amf message
brought right values. As I expected, the values of longitude and
latitude were right:


But I printed debug messaged on the server, the longitude and latitude
turned as follow:

2010-07-20 10:57:16+0800 [-]  *** classobject.longitude:
-0.123456789012 classobject.latitude 0.123456789012

The precision has become less: from 18 to 12.

I used the pyamf lib to communicate with flex client.

Why it happens?

Thanks very much!!

Yours Sincerely,

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