__nonzero__() appears FUBARed

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__nonzero__() appears FUBARed

Leo User
Hello folks,

I was running test_bool.py from python 2.5 against
jythonx and ran into this unappealing error:
class a(object):
   def __nonzero__(self):
       return self

b = a()
print b.__nonzero__()
if b: print b

The problem in this case is the PyObjectDerived looks
for __nonzero__, if it finds it, it is executed.  Then
the returned value has __nonzero__ called on it.  In
this case, the code ends up in a recursive nightmare.
Im going follow the advice of a jythonxer to let this
sit for awhile since the initial solution/reaction
does not look pretty or minor.  Hopefully something
simple will suggest itself.  

I think the question somewhat hinges on when
__nonzero__ is called.  As we can see calling user
defined method is fine but put it in a situation where
the call is directly against the __nonzero__ method,
things go haywire.  If its isolated to a few
situations where a boolean return value will suffice,
it may end up being cheap.

This also raises the question of how many equivilent
methods exist, methods that are not __nonzero__ but
calculate return values based off of something
returned from a user defined method.  An entirely new
may be needed to deal with the "general" problem.

anyway, it doesn't look pleasant,

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