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Noon Silk
Has anyone had any trouble here?

I am in a situation where, the tests run fine when I don't include
"--processes=N", however, when I *do* do that, they exit early?

The reason I think they exit, is that I'm actually running a different
executable, and I load it like so:

retcode =["start /wait myprog.exe"], shell=True)

Now, note that this is on Windows 7; the "start /wait" does basically
exactly what you think. *And indeed it operates correctly in a single
process*, but when nose tries to run multi-process, it fails to block,
and the test executes far sooner than it should.

Indeed, Nose claims that it ran 0 tests, when it actually at least ran
1! So, I think the myprog.exe is sending some signal to kill it.

It so happens that start has a "/B"  parameter that may also help
here, but actually it doesn't. The result is that I don't get any
further output from the test (that is, the xunit xml isn't generated,
and even the console doesn't report anything as having happened).

Interested in thoughts ...

Noon Silk

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