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obsolete bugs, Blueprints

Andreas Röhler-2

Hi Skip, hi folks,

seeing Barry gave administration rights to us, we may
now adress the ancient bugs one by one, close the
obsolete. Closing the obsolete should speed up
further development, as the number of good ancient
reports is considerable and probably no one will dig through
there easily.

As I'm still capable of all kind of errors: should some nasty things
happen, please don't hesitate to tell me.

Suggest to activate the button `Blueprints', which
provides a tracker for feature requests AFAIU.

Maybe category `Answers' should be enabled too (?)

Remember interesting discussion on this list some
months ago: would welcome if people dig out
proposals from the archiv


and make a fresh entry at `Blueprints'. Thus it remains at the table.

AFAIU `Blueprints' allows further discussing and also
ranging issues with respect for it's importance.




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