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kirby urner-4
Greetings edu-sig peers.

Kirby from Portland, Oregon (MLK Weedend, 2010)

FYI here's me posting in a recent thread, Philippines user group:

Parking some pointers, recycling some good stuff:


Pythonic Math
Lesson Plan:  Simple Groups

A simple and gentle introduction to group theory,
well trammeled in the literature, uses modulo
arithmetic on tiny finite sets.

Python's operator overloading puts adding
modulo N within reach of any snake wrangler.

Concepts:  GCD, totatives, relatively prime



Pythonic Math
Lesson Plan:  A Game of Life

Creatures move around a virtual chess board
according to various rules.   A time loop keeps
computing successive frames.



Pythonic Math
Lesson Plan:  T-Mod with a Turtle

Trace the plane net for 1/120th of a Rhombic
Triacontahedron.  Use the Standard Library
turtle module, print to paper, cut and fold, 60
left handed, 60 right handed.

Example implementation:

Related lessons:  trace A, B modules, same
volume as T modules

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