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patch 991100 - importing modules from jar

Ruchir Talwar
Hi ,
Ive been developing  a web application product using jython 2.2a1 for the past few months
I love the way jython and java can be mixed and its just been a fantastic experience

The only problem is shipping!
Well not a big problem but it would be nice if its solved

we want to be able to ship our code by only including $py.class files in a JAR file.
but it seems they are ignored unless you also include the .py files along with them.
(Im using 2.2a btw)

After a lot of scanning of emails I came across this patch #991100.

It would be nice if this patch could be accepted by the jython community and applied.

I think from a business point of view this is a very useful patch esp if you do not
want to  share .py code with clients.