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pydoc gui enhancement

Ron Adam

Hi, just updated this patch so it works with Python version 3.2.

What it does is add a navigation bar at the top of the web pages so you can
do the following.

      + Shows what version of python you are browsing/using.

      + Get an item - It takes the same input as the help() function
        does in the console.

      + Search - Returns the same result as the tkinter search box.

      + Module index - The normal default top level.

      + Topics - lists all the topics.  They can be clicked on and the
        results are displayed with xrefs that can be clicked on.

      + Keywords - Lists all the keywords. Works the same as Topics.

Also the file links are read in as text and served as a pydoc page instead
of relying on the browsers file reading capability. That is much safer and
gives a better file listing.

This patch removes the tkinter search bar sense it's no longer needed.
tkinter is no longer needed for pydoc to run in gui mode.

It really makes browsing pythons library a breeze.

If someone can try it out and give me some additional feedback as to
possibly any problems or any changes I need to make it would be nice.

   Ron Adam

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