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Mike Dewhirst-3
I have a major web project to initiate. It needs to be very scalable and
I am more or less committed to Django. The business plan requires
funding for a CSS web designer, Javascript/Jquery guru, ldap chappie and
Django programmer. I need a proof-of-concept demo without having all
that expertise in-house.

I vaguely remembered someone in MPUG mentioning Pyjamas being a sort of
Javascript eliminator. So ... here's my diary entry for today:

22/7/2011 - 0830 - Woke up (late because of TdF) and spent the morning
researching ...

Pyjamas is a python-to-javascript compiler designed to let you build
websites in Python without having to learn Javascript. Rejected the
whole shooting match at first but let it percolate over lunch. After
considering Javascript, CSS, DOM, browser variances and the few
remaining years in my life ... decided to give it a try.

1300 - After lunch worked through the excellent instructions in the
third link above. After a bit of fiddling, all is installed. Now for
hello world.

1400 - That was easy. pyjd is the native python version. Then
compile into Javascript and HTML with "pyjsbuild
--print-statements Hello" to produce Hello.html which loads brilliantly
into my default browser.

1430 - After playing with the demo I am completely blown
away. Buttons, menus, images, layouts, lists, popups, tables, trees,
tabs - it seems to be all there. I think there is enough for my
proof-of-concept. Next step is to dig a bit deeper and see how little I
really need to learn.

The last line of the document in that third link above says it all ...

"Step back in awe and admire the work of a great community!"

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