pysnmp 4.3.3 has been released

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pysnmp 4.3.3 has been released

Ilya Etingof
What’s new

* SNMPv3 Reeder AES192/256 key localization algorithm implemented
* Broken 3DES encryption fixed
* Switched from PyCrypto to PyCryptodome for SNMPv3 crypto operations
* TEXTUAL-CONVENTION implementation improved to emit/consume human-friendlier values

More changes noted in the CHANGELOG [1].

What is pysnmp

The pysnmp library is a complete implementation of SNMPv1/v2c/v3 network management protocol
all in pure-Python. MIBs are automatically supported out-of-the-box, bindings to popular asynchronous
frameworks such as asyncio or Twisted are shipped along with the package.

More information on library features and API documentation can be found on project’s GitHub page [2].



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