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python-dbc (epydoc-based Design-by-Contract validator)

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I would like to notify the community about the availability of new python-dbc module, allowing one to perform basic design-by-contract checks using the docstring definitions in epydoc format. No public releases has been done yet, but the home page with overall instructions is created at and the code is available at (this is a Mercurial repository, use hg clone).

At the moment, the primary functionality available is the validation of @precondition/@postcondition/@type/@rtype docstring fields in every function wrapped using @contract_epydoc decorator. The code is early, lacks a proper amount of unit tests and documentation, and definitely may have bugs for now, but it is stress-tested at the moment in internal projects, so far so good. The future plans include allowing to use the
@contract_epydoc decorator to wrap the classes, thus making possible to add the support of @invariant fields in the class docstrings.

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  Alexander Myodov
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