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"Invent with Python" discount code

Hi. I'm the author of "Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python", a
programming book aimed at young adults and complete beginners. The
book is freely available under a Creative Commons license and you can
download it in full from http://inventwithpython.com.

I've priced the book at $25, but would like to share a discount code
that brings it down to $8.32 that I'd like you to share with any
educators or people who want to buy multiple copies. The book doesn't
have problem sets and might not be completely appropriate for the
classroom, but some people have told me they've used it as a textbook.
There's no minimum quantity needed for this code, but I'd like you to
just distribute it to teachers/instructors (it basically cuts out my
royalty and sells it at cost.)

The code only works on this estore site, not on Amazon:


Of course, you can always download the book from inventwithpython.com
for free and print it out.

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