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Geert Stappers


Doe jullie voordeel met dit doorgestuurd bericht.

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Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2012 12:05:42 +0100
From: Raphael Hertzog <[hidden email]>
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Subject: Looking for a Python/Django developer
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I'm looking for a freelancer/contractor available immediately to work
on a website project based on the Django framework (and possibly on
Satchmo for the e-commerce part).

The website project is rather ambitious (build an infrastructure to
help free software authors to fund their work) but this contract is
dedicated on setting up the foundations of this project and on creating a
first service to let free software authors commercialize e-books.

I want to use this new website to publish the Debian Administrator's
Handbook as soon as it's available (and this is scheduled for
April, so Django's motto "The framework for Web perfectionists with
deadlines" can be verified once more ;-)).

Good web design skills (or knowledge of good freely available
designs) would be a nice bonus because besides a functional website,
I'd love a good looking one too. :-)

Please get in touch with me at [hidden email] if you're interested.
It would be nice to introduce yourself and to point me to some of your
prior realizations. I'm particularly interested in anything that shows
that you're a good "architect" to create a new infrastructure from
scratch. If you have created some free Django apps/websites, feel free to
point them to me.

Raphaƫl Hertzog ??? Debian Developer

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liberate it: http://debian-handbook.info/liberation/

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Geert Stappers
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