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setuptools and scripts on Windows

Chris Barker
Hi folks,

IIIC, there has been a recent change in the setuptools executable that
is distributed with the Windows installer (and source). This
executable is used as a stub to launch scripts that have been
installed using distutils "scripts" system -- i.e put into
C:\Python27\Scripts, or similar)

The problem is that the new one launches the scripts in a separate
terminal window (DOS box), which then quits when the script is
finished, either due to an error or normally. The result is that you
can'st see the output of the scripts, which makes any command line
script pretty much useless. This means that things like nosetests, etc
is broken.

Anyway, after much gnashing of teeth, I noticed that if I install the
lastest distutils, I get ann "easy_install.exe" that is about 65kb in
size, while an older version had a 7kb exe. If I drop the older on
into the scripts dir -- it works fine (tested on 32 bit Windows XP and
64 bit Windows 7 (with 32 bit pyhton). In fact, future easy-installed
(or other setuptools installations) scrips then work correctly as well
-- it appears that setuptools copies the easy_install.exe (and renames
it) to launch the other scripts.

Anyway, after poking around a bit, it's not clear to me who is
maintaining setuptools, whether this change was intentional, or the
result of other needed changes, etc. I can't find a version controlled
source where I can look for changes.

But I'd really like to see it put back the way it was!

This list appeared to be the appropriate place to discuss setuptools,
but where do I go from here? -- i.e. where to file a bug report, etc.




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