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translating the python tutorial in french

rob wilco

Hello Doc-Sig List,

I have looked for an up to date version of the "official" python tutorial in french. I haven't found one. If no one is on it, can I do/maintain it? I am a french IT engineer, not a python hacker (yet), I have done translations before.
If you are all right with that, i'll take any info you have about the tools you use, the organization/process and all that ...

Also, I reviewed the links toward the python documentation in french, that page :
I copied/pasted the section below and added my comments preceded by a '#' when I felt there was a need to do so.

These documentations are quite old in general, and this section is far from exhaustive. The link toward the french python mailing list is indeed useful, apart from that, it is my humble suggestion that efforts would be saved by delegating the updating of the list of french python documentation to the search engines. Plus, new users would not be led to pages from sometimes 5 years ago.


Rob Wilco


  # The second link opens the same page as the first link. I think the right link should be ""
  • The French company Logilab offers a Python course in French.
  • Python & Compagnie, a French-language forum for beginners, is available.
  • A team of French-speaking translators of the python official documentation is very active, and has set up a project on SourceForge: Contributors are of course allways welcome. The result of their efforts and current status can be found here.
# The project seems dead, lots of news from 2001, the latter link is broken.
  • Python Blanc Bleu Belge is a page of Python news and information maintained by the Belgian Free Software Programmers Club.
  • Learning Python, by Mark Lutz and David Ascher, has now been translated into French by Olivier Berger, Sébastien Tanguy and Jérôme Kalifa. It's in French bookstores as Introduction à Python.
# That last link is broken, the book is actually out of stock, according to O'Reilly
# Here is a list of books on python on O'Reilly's site :

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