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trying to use spec file

George Georgalis
Hi - hope this list is still active.

I'd like to make an rpm of 2.7.3 with some path and release tweeks.
However the spec file from the main distribution doesn't work for me
and it has some numbers from the prior release at the top (2.6).

-rw-r--r-- 1 1000 1002 13549 Apr  9 16:07

Is it maintained? I would love some help and I can provide further
details (strip stops with files not found); but first I'd like to
confirm this file is working out of the box, for anyone?

I'm invoking it with "rpmbuild -bb python-2.7.spec" and I have all the
stated dependancies installed. Is this a supported path, it might be
easier for me to just create a new spec file?


George Georgalis, (415) 894-2710,
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