will cows code?

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will cows code?

kirby urner-4
My whimsical title relates to the conflation of two
notions:  cows in a morphogenetic field, and
the spread of computer languages.

As more and more people learn Python, does it
get easier to learn?  That would seem an obvious
"no" unless you believe in magic, but then think
about it:  more people learning it means more
people who know Python and can write books,
or already know how to make TV.  It's the overlap
in skill sets that spreads it, not spooky "action
at a distance."

The cow part comes for the story about those
bars across ditches, aimed at scaring cows from
trying to get through the gate.  They were
eventually so effective that baby cows would
"just know", even if not shown the consequences
(the adults already knew too).

Lets see what my CropCircle Tractor can dig up
on this...


"Is this because calves learn from older cattle
that they should not try to cross? Apparently not."

Feel free text search in the article below to this
well known meme (be the 100th monkey to do
so and win a prize!):


Hey, I'm not saying I don't believe in a Noosphere
(what they called it at Princeton).

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